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Founded in 2020 to assist companies to adapt to remote working and performance management, we are a dynamic and experienced team offering an agile, flexible service for SMEs throughout Ireland.

Based in Dublin, we work throughout Ireland, and are fully set up to help you either face to face or remotely. Like many other businesses we have harnessed the benefits of remote working offering greater options to our clients via Zoom and Teams. This has enabled us to expand our reach and offering as a business.

The gap in the market that we saw was having an HR team large enough and with the required experience to manage extensive and ongoing HR projects, while also being accessible to small and medium sized businesses who required ongoing or project support.

We are a responsive and knowledgeable team, big enough to manage large scale projects, small enough to offer a personal service. Our experience enables us to understand and empathise with employers and employees. Coupled with our knowledge and understanding of best practice and employment laws, we can ensure you act within the law and meet your responsibilities as an employer.

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