Practical People Solutions

HR Compliance

We can create handbooks, policies, procedures, and tailored employment contracts to suit your needs.

As employment legislation continues to develop, and various employment acts are amended, this may mean that tailored, customised contracts written only 12 months ago may no longer be compliant, you should now consider having them reviewed.

At Practical People Solutions, we can provide a service that will manage the full onboarding of any new employees, including HR Induction, Handbook issuance and acceptance and contract drafting, issuance and acceptance, ensuring that your business is fully compliant with enactment of the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act.

Employment Contracts

Agreeing suitable terms in an employment contract will determine the rights, responsibilities, and duties of both the employer and employee. All employment related relationships have a contract of employment in place, this can be written or implied through practice and custom. This contract will govern many aspects of the employment. To ensure your business is best protected, a written contract will provide clarity and protection in situations where relationships between employee and employer sour. We can help create contracts that both engage employees and protected employers.