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Document Creation

Employee handbooks, contracts and policies all tailored and customised to suit the exact needs of each individual business.
The documents will cover Employment Equality and Diversity, Legislative Leave (annual leave, maternity leave, parental leave, force majeure, and others), Dignity at Work incorporating Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment, Discipline and Grievance and areas such as E-mail, Internet and Social Media policies and Health and Safety.

Disciplinary and Grievance Advice and Management Services

We know that Disciplinary and Grievance cases can be a minefield for you as an employer. They can catch out even the most well-meaning of managers. We understand that it is critical that the correct approach is adopted, and procedures are followed at all stages, whether you are dealing with a formal complaint, or someone’s made an informal approach that you take action.
At Practical People Solutions we ensure you understand your obligations and the inherent risks that the case presents and ensure you act fairly and effectively within parameters of employment law. We also offer impartial advice, support, and years of experience.

Redundancy Services

Redundancy is a very sensitive and challenging situation for both you as an employer but also the employee, we know that for many employers it is a last resort. However, when it is necessary the situation must be handled sensitively and fairly, so it is vital that you understand the employment law regarding redundancy.
It is also important that you know and follow the required procedure and how you manage the impact on others in the workplace.
The process of redundancy is complex and involves various legal issues which impact the process, which is why many employers choose to bring in an HR professional.
At Practical People Solutions we are here to provide impartial advice and often see challenges or opportunities which you are unlikely to because you are so close to the business and the challenge of redundancy.


At Practical People Solutions we offer more than just writing a job advert, post it on a job board and send you the CVs- we know you could easily do this yourself.
We aim to go above and beyond to support you in working out the kind of person and set of skills and experiences that your business needs.
Then comes sourcing, identifying, and appointing the right person for your team. Whether it’s working through the sea of applications, sorting out the administration of taking on a new team member, or interviewing and onboarding remotely, we can help.

Absenteeism Management

Is someone in the team repeatedly absent?
Do they seem reluctant to come to work?
Is it having a knock-on effect with the rest of the team and the business as a whole?

Poor productivity and days off sick are costing us a staggering amount of money.
A workplace survey has found that employees lose an average of 30.4 working days a year due to sickness, or illness-related underperformance. While it might be a free day off from work for the employee, absences carry hidden costs that can affect a company’s productivity and revenue.
At Practical People Solutions we have over 10 years of experience including dealing with absenteeism.
Whether it’s a business issue or relates to individuals, we can advise, support and work with you to deal with the situation.
We can also work with you to develop and implement attendance policies and absence management procedures to ensure that everyone in the business is aware of the policy and can access it.


Has an employee raised a complaint or grievance?
Are there issues around absenteeism?
Are you managing a dispute in your business?

Mediation is a powerful way to prevent misunderstandings and issues escalating into costly disputes.
Very often these situations arise due to miscommunication and confusion. They are made worse when they are ignored, bottled up or one party feels they have been misunderstood. Workplace disputes can be very costly and damaging to a business. Therefore, you should take every step possible to prevent them or deal with them effectively when they do arise.
At Practical People Solutions, we have 10 years of experience in workplace mediation. In our experience, employees only resort to formal complaints and litigate because they feel that there is no other option or route available to them. With meditation, we provide a space for people to speak openly and honestly and air their issues and concerns in a constructive manner.
We work with you and with the individuals or team concerned to have an open, constructive conversation that offers a resolution. This can prevent problems from escalating, reduce the cost of conflict for all concerned and prevent the negative impact on the business.

Restructuring and Reorganisation

Has there been an external or internal change that has impacted on your business?
Do you need to reorganise or restructure the business in response to that change?
Does the business need to realign and adapt to the change?
Like tax and death, change is inevitable.

Whether it’s external influences, internal aspirations or just hard practicalities, your future success lies in how you react and respond. COVID, new legislation, a shift in the marketplace, changing customer behaviour and an altered focus in the boardroom all require your business to adapt, realign and possibly restructure. Not adapting or changing is a step backwards for your businesses.
At Practical People Solutions we have years of experience in reorganising, restructuring and realigning businesses. We can help you explore your options, offer you expert advice on the best course of action as well as practical support in executing your plan.
In some situations, it’s about managing redundancy efficiently and sensitively. However, it’s not always about redundancy. An increase in customer demand can mean you need to grow your business, which can lead to challenges. Change doesn’t always have to be a negative experience – it can also mean restructuring to work in a different way and it may even be the catalyst for a more successful future.

Performance Management

There are two aspects to performance management. The first is establishing goals and objectives, you and your employee wish for them to meet and then reviewing their progress on achieving those targets on a regular basis.
The second aspect of performance management is how you fairly and effectively manage an employee who is underperforming.
In the first instance it is vital that you have planned and agreed with your employee what their targets are. You then need to give them regular feedback on their performance during the whole year, and at the same time provide them with direction and support.
At Practical People Solutions we can create and develop a performance framework for your employees that you can implement, or we can carry out the performance reviews on your behalf.
Where an employee is underperforming this can be a very sensitive matter. It must be managed and dealt with fairly, so understanding the legislation and your responsibilities as an employer is vital.
There are several steps and strategies that you can take to work with them to improve their performance and, if that fails, it’s critical you are confident that you have followed all the processes and steps you are required by law to take.
We can work with you to create a performance agreement with the employee in question, manage their feedback with the goal of them achieving the required and agreed performance standard. If they still fail to perform, we can advise you on the options available to you and support you in executing them.

Training & Development

Training in key HR and Management areas such as Anti-Bullying and Harassment, Conducting Disciplinary Meetings, Recruitment & interviewing, managing sickness & absence, Equality and Diversity are all regularly delivered in-house within client Organisations.

HR Audits

Practical People Solutions will conduct an in-depth analysis of your HR function to identify areas of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats.
We identify where improvements may be needed. We will review current practices, policies, and procedures.

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